About us


Introduction to Monk Chat Programme

The Monk Chat Program on behalf of Mahachulalongkornrajvidalaya Buddhist University was founded by Pra Dr.Saneh Dhammavaro and his staff.
It has been running since year 2000. You will get to know about monk’s way of living, Thai Culture, Buddhism, or just about the weather. At Monk Chat, we also provide Meditation Retreat Programme conducted in English.

Objectives of Monk Chat Programme
– To provide an opportunity for foreigners to chat with monks informally on general topics.
– To provide an opportunity to learn, exchange and discuss about the general ideas of Buddhism.
– To provide a forum for monks and novices to exchange their ideas with people from different cultures, faiths and ways of life.
– To give correct information on Thai Buddhism to you with the friendly atmosphere.

Predictions of valuable things that we make the Monk Chat Programme
– We can support tourists who would like to study Buddhism and Traditional Buddhist lifestyle.
– We can propagate the Buddha Teaching to the foreigners. The participants can apply the knowledge to their daily life and ultimately lead to the world peace.
– We can support the Thai government policy in promoting Buddhist and Cultural Tourism.
– We can develop skills of our monk chat staff to propagate the Buddha teaching efficiently.

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